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Tune Up - Brakes - Air Conditioning - Transmission

The air conditioning system in your vehicle is often taken for granted until a problem occurs. Like the many automotive systems, the air conditioning system is very complex and requires a trained specialist to make any repairs or adjustments. If you are experiencing problems with your air conditioning, the source of the problem could be anything from your compressor, the evaporator core or any of the various hoses and coils involved in the system. Bring your car to Milex/Mr. Transmission for our trained technicians to inspect and service your air conditioning system.

Our Air Conditioning service includes:

  • Inspect all visual A/C components for leaks
  • Test Freon for moisture or air contamination
  • Performance test on A/C system

It is best to have your air conditioning system checked on a regular basis to help prevent any major repairs and to keep you cool and Road Ready.

Heating & Cooling

A common cause for vehicle breakdowns is a cooling system failure. To help prevent breakdowns and costly repairs, regular preventive maintenance on your cooling systems is a must. Engine coolant is very important in both the heating and cooling performance of your vehicle as it protects and supports the entire system. But over time the coolant's properties can break down and can become contaminated causing clogging and overheating. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend changing the coolant on a regular basis and should also be checked with every oil change service.

With a Coolant Service from Milex/Mr. Transmission our technicians will thoroughly clean the cooling system and replace your engine coolant. This service will keep your car Road Ready by extending the life of your radiator and preventing rust and corrosion in your cooling system, which will maintain proper heating and cooling of your engine.