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Tim and Laura Rodifer

* Tim Rodifer is a Senior Master Certified Builder and Technician who is well known for his 35 years of industries experience relating to technical training, management training, and business operations. For over 26 years he has provided business consulting advice to many owners of automotive repair shops across the US to help improve the success of their business. He also worked as the Vice President of Operations for a automotive franchise (Moran Industries) for over 5 years.

* Laura Rodifer has over 30 years of experience with customer relations, sales, marketing, management, human resources and a strong automotive maintenance knowledge. Together they run the business as it continues to be one of the top most reliable trustworthy repair shop in their industries. 

Recently Laura & Tim Rodifer won the honor of Franchisee of the year by the IFA (International Franchise Association) where they were flown to Washington, D.C. to meet with our congressmen and walk on Capital Hill to discuss small business.