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Your vehicle's steering and suspension system help keep you safe by controlling the vehicle's ride and handling. Part of the steering and suspensions maintenance includes getting those systems checked regularly. As your vehicle ages the parts within the steering and suspension wear out and may require replacement.

It is important to have your suspension system working properly because that is what helps your vehicle react to bumps in the road by absorbing the energy and helping prevent damage to your vehicle's undercarriage and body. If your suspension components are damaged or worn out, your vehicle may not respond safely to flaws in the road. If you notice loss of control in your vehicle let the experts at Milex/Mr. Transmission inspect your suspension system.

As we all know, the steering system helps us direct our vehicle in the direction that we want it to go. As with the suspension, your steering components should also be inspected regularly. You can also keep your steering system performing at its optimum level by maintaining the power steering fluid. The fluid is needed to help lubricate and transmit pressure in the power steering system. If you notice that your vehicle is pulling to a certain side or you notice noise or vibration when turning the steering wheel you may need to replace your steering fluid or need a repair in the steering system.