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Phil Raines, Johnson City TN: Five Star

•Review: Tim did some real detective work and found that I had 2 separate issues causing my truck to vibrate and shake. After Mr Transmission serviced my truck it now rides as smooth as a brand new vehicle. Plus they worked very hard to make the repair bill very affordable by specifically diagnosing the problems before changing out any parts. These guys are real pros.

Louie Winston, Johnson City TN: Five Star

•Review: Great place good people and I know without a doubt if I have anymore transmission problems this is where I'm going. The warranty is out standing and they stand behind it. You might pay a little more but to have that piece of mind is priceless

Kerrie Phetteplace, Johnson City TN: Five Star

•Review: My husband’s truck broke down in September, and Rick got him in the same day to fix it so that he could get home to Knoxville that evening to see his family. He also fixed a fuse to get his dashboard working again for $2.95 when another dealer wanted to charge him over $900 claiming it was an electrical problem. They run a very honest and trustworthy business!

SHADYMAYNe420 ! Johnson City TN: Five Star

•Review: Hands down the guy to go to is Rick!! Fair prices, the fastest work i have ever had done, he had my stage 1 clutch put in on my 2012 Veloster in less than half a day! Five stars to you Sir!

George Garland, Johnson City TN: Five Star

•Review: Best repair shop in Johnson City! They got me in and out super fast, with excellent customer service. If you need anything just ask for Rick, he goes above and beyond to get the job done!

Lea Relyea, Johnson City TN: Five Star

•Review: They made sure my brakes got done and with quality parts and service. I checked around and their prices were fair if not better than the ones I called. They made sure I was able to get to my job and picked me up. Most of all they treated me like family. Thank you.

Vanessa Mathes, Five Star

•Review: We received great service at Mr. Transmission of Johnson City. We had our own transmission delivered and they stored it for two weeks. It’s a small shop; Fairway Ford told me They didn’t have room to store it!!! Rick, the manager, was so friendly and helpful. It’s nice to go into an auto service and feel like you’re dealing with friends. Thank you Rick!!

Julie Berry, Five Star

•Review: We are so happy the people here were able to fix both of our cars after a horrible experience with another mechanic. They were always there to answer any questions we had and kept us updated each day. So thankful for their time, hard work, and kindness!

Wendell Fulton, ELIZABETHTON TN: Five Star
•Review: I took my Yukon to mr transmission after another transmission shop had failed at rebuilding my transmission .i met rick and he explained what needed to be done . They fixed my truck as good as new and for the price he quoted me. This shop is a very professional and the garage area is spotless.i recommend this shop to anyone with transmission problems.just give rick a call and he will take care of the rest.

Brook Putman, Five Star

•Review: I just picked my Ford up from Mr. Transmission for some work on my gas pedal sensor. It was really shaky and wasn't driving at all every time I tried to shift gears it wouldn't. I called to make an appointment and the staff was friendly and understanding. Rick called me before they did any work and was friendly and fast with responses. I strongly recommend Mr. Transmission because the service is great, prices are reasonable, and the people are friendly.

Step One survival, Five Star

•Review: We brought him our 89 Chevy Suburban and they did a fantastic job of rebuilding the transmission among other various repairs. They truly try to give you the lowest price options and perform honest work. We wouldnt take our vehicles anywhere else!

Peter Kardos, FL: Five Star
•Review: I recently stopped in and had a waterpump replaced, which is a hard enough process as is. Instead the called me up, and brought me back to the shop saying that it wasn't gonna be done today like they said bcuz a hard job just became a nightmare-ish job, also they explained that they could just put the waterpump back on but it would cause much more problems down the road. That being said they insisted on me leaving my van over night. Next morning everything was fixed, the CORRECT WAY, and on top of all that, I was picked up by the nicest women EVER(sadly enough I can't remember her name), and she didn't even had to do it! If you need anything done, go see these guys! Thank you Rick, Tim (the mechanic), and the nice women that I forgot her name! Thank you all!!!!!

Trey Headings, SPRUCE PINE NC: Five Star
•Review: Great quality work! Great people! Talk to Rick when you go, he knows what he's talking about and will help you in anyway he can. I live well over a hour away in NC and will go back for anything else performance wise I need for my cummins.

Tracy Hartley: Five Star

•Review: This place is amazing!!! they really came thru for us and got our transmission fixed, very, very pleased with customer service!! Rick was so nice and very informative and went above and beyond to help us with cost!! We will be back for all of our transmission work!!
thanks Rick and his team for getting us up and running again!! :)

Lisa Dishner, Gray TN: Five Star
•Review: Dear Tim, Since I do not participate in the 'social media' way of communication, I wanted to write you a personal note to express my gratitude concerning the repairs on my 2007 Hummer H3 last week. I was provided with excellent service at your garage, and I truly appreciate it. You and your team took the time to discover the true nature of my problem and to explain it all to me. Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. Especially since the 'customer' was a bit adverse at times. (Sorry about that!!) You have definitely gained a new customer who will refer all of her friends and family to you. Thanks again for your patience and dedicated service.

Mike Mckamey , Kingsport TN: Five Star
•Review: Tim, I just wanted to send this note in appreciation for the service that I received from your business regarding transmission repair to my motor home the week of 7-30-2013. I have never been treated any finer from anyone in the area customer service then I received from Brad Luken. He is definitely a "KEEPER" and any business would consider themselves lucky to have him! My Transmission is doing great so far. Thank you for your fine facility and the people you have working there. I will recommend Mr Transmission to anyone I meet in the future for Transmission work. Thank You, Mike Mckamey

Joseph Glitman, Johnson City TN: Five Star

•Review: Another repair shop actually took my car to Mr. Transmission when they quite honestly said they couldn't find the problem with the noise coming from my motor and determined it was the transmission. I went to the shop and met with Tim and Brad and was assured my car would be taken care of properly but there was a backlog and it might be a few days before they could get to it. In about a 3 working days they called and told me the issue and what needed to be done. They quoted the cost and met that quote. No it wasn't cheap but this kind of work never is and if it's too cheap you can be sure what you're going to get. When I picked up the car I noticed that the fuel gauge was not working and on the way home a check engine soon light came on. I called over to the shop and about an hour later Tim was at my house with his diagnostic computer. He said it was very odd but cleared the code and told me if it wasn't right he'd make it right because that's how he did business. The light did reappear and the fuel gauge continued not to function. The car went back to Mr. Transmission and they did every test they could and could still not find the problem. Tim suggested it might be time to take it to Chevrolet but he added he wanted to know what the problem was. Chevrolet diagnosis the problem and repaired it. I sent Tim a copy of the invoice which detailed what they had fixed - some wires directly above the transmission were some how dislodged and became damaged. That evening Tim was back at my house with a check for the cost of Chevrolet finding the problem and fixing it. That is honesty, integrity, and doing exactly what he said he would do the first time we met . . . I wish there were more automobile repair shops in town that dealt that way. I highly recommend Mr. Transmission - which by the way the Chevrolet dealer told me they send their customers too as well.

Robert Nobles, Johnson City TN: : Five Star
•Review: The owners of this store are great, I will send all my friends and family to this store. My truck transmission was rebuilt and put back in just three days. Great service !!!!!!!! •Ed Chase, Johnson TN: Five Star •Review: They went the extra mile by Ed Chase- 01/30/2012 Recently Mr. Transmission Johnson City TN repaired my Transmission in my Jaguar XJR (A relatively rare Car) They hung in there and after exhaustive trials and errors and time consuming labor they were able to fix it. Thank you to Tim, Laura and Brad. I will return to them with my future business. Ed Chase

Kathy Johnson, Greenville TN: Five Star
•Review: Somebody gave me Mr. Transmission and Milex Complete Auto Care's name and told me that they really stand behind their work. When I got there Tim was wonderful, and the whole experience was wonderful. He went out of his way for me. I had my transmission completely rebuilt, front axles taken care of, and something to the rear transmission as well. The car is running great. I would tell anybody who is having a problem to go there.

Carol P, Johnson City TN: Five Star
•Review: It's no fun to have to have emergency transmission work done and no matter how you look at it, it is no bargain either. I did have very good customer service here and my van was ready before the promised day and time.

Frank Harold, Jonesborough TN: Five Star
•Review: Mr Transmission is dependable. Whenever my truck needs service, I take it there and they're always able to take care of it. They are very professional and hard-working over there. I've been using them for a few years now, and haven't had a problem yet. I highly recommend their services.

U. Alu, Johnson City TN: Five Star
•Review: Mr Transmission and Milex has never wasted my time. I've never had to get mad at them for taking too long, or for not fixing my car the first time. Also, everything they've done has been with the best parts, even better than the dealer gets, and at lowest prices. Most important, is that whenever I call, they are ready to do whatever they need to do to take care of me. They'll come out to my house and tow the car, and drop me off or pick me up. They are professional and at the same time they are real! I trust them. They always have told the truth.

Sandy W, Johnson City TN: Five Star
•Review: Mr.. Transmission did a really good job on my car. I thought something was wrong with my transmission so I took it there. They were able to diagnose the issue, which turned out to be something else, and they fixed it. It really worked out nicely.

Jonny S, Churchill TN: Five Star
•Review: I called the manager at Mr. Transmission and explained that I had just had another guy perform a complete rebuild that was unsuccessful. I explained what was going on, he sent a wrecker to pick up my vehicle, and he took a look at it. He was willing to work with me as much as he could because he understood that I had just paid for a rebuild. As far as explaining everything, they went over every detail. They completed a master rebuild of the transmission in only 4 days and it is working great. I have no complaints.

Darrel Gillespie, Greeneville TN: Four Star
•Review: The work Mr. Transmission did was good, and they got it done in a timely manner. The only thing I had a problem with was that I asked them to call me so we could discuss how much it was going to be and what all was wrong with it, but they went ahead and fixed it and then billed me $150 including a tow. That was the only thing I had a real problem with.

Alice B, Kingsport TN: Five Star
•Review: Transmission went out of a used new car I bought it to Mr. transmission they fixed me right up. Cheaper than the Nissan dealership by far. getting ready to go thru another service with them.. They are awesome to deal with!!!.

Lynn, Johnson City TN: Four Star
•Review: 2004 Honda... The only thing keeping me from giving that 5th star is its never a great experience having to spend money to fix a car. What I can say is, the shop was clean, the mechanics were polite and professional, the manager was informative and upfront and the end result was my van was fixed, when they told me it would be, for the price we agreed on and it works like it did when I bought it brand new. The manager Brad also called me a few days after I got the van back to make sure I was satisfied and thanked me again doing business with him and his company. If asked I will recommend them. Thanks for the good service. Lynn

Mary R, Johnson City TN: Five Star
•Review: I was devastated when I learned I had major transmission problems in my car, well new to me 2007 Audi Q7. Having already spoke to the dealership in Asheville, I knew I was in for many thousands of dollars in repairs. While I was devastated when I learned I had major transmission problems in my new, well new to me 2007 Audi Q7. Having already spoke to the dealership in Asheville, I knew I was in for many thousands of dollars in repairs. While visiting a friend in Johnson City, TN we took my car by Mr. Transmission for a second opinion and I am so very happy I did. Not only did they save me many dollars compared to the dealership and they delivered my car early, clean, and with a warranty that will be valid when I go back home to NC. I will always highly recommend Tim & all the employees at Mr. Transmission for any car repairs. The Professionals - YES THEY ARE!!!

Marsha R, Johnson City TN: Five Star
•Review: Reasonable Price and Honest, I took my car to a couple different places to have it looked at - one place wanted to replace my transmission but these guys looked at it and it ended up being something small - saving me a lot of money. Their honesty impressed me!

John P, Johnson City TN: Five Star
•Review: These guys are more like family to me. You just could not ask for better service or better knowledge. Its been over a year now and they fix right the first time which could have not been done elsewhere "trust me I know!" I would recommend them to anyone. In this day and time it means a lot to have people like Tim at Mr Transmission which you can count on.

Ben Fulghum, Johnson City TN: Four Star
•Review: Kind of pricey but worth it... my car has been back 2x (a cable broke and then a solenoid that was replaced was defective) since I got it back on the 7th.. it has been some issues with it but they are on top of fixing it right away.. its just the hassle of having no car while its in the shop not their fault.. but as long as it works I don't care.

W. Winters, Gray TN: Five Star
•Review: I had the transmission rebuilt and they did a lot of work on it. It has never ran better. It glides on air going down the road again and is very smooth. They did a great job.

Mike Alexander, Jonesborough TN: Five Star
•Review: I would like to thank Rick Minnick and the mechanics at Milex Mr. Transmission in Johnson City for work done recently on my wife's Ford Explorer, the vehicle had developed an extreme vibration and I had taken it to two other service centers in Johnson City without anyone remotely suggesting what the problem most likely was, all we got was a plan to start changing costly parts on top of labor with no guarantees, I decided to take it into Rick and within a couple hours the problem had been discovered and upon my go ahead the repairs were done quickly and inexpensively. I am very pleased with Rick Minnick and all the fine folks there and will return for any service work and recommend them to anyone.

Shea Thomas, Kingsport TN: Five Star
•Review: Mr transmission is a honest and great place ! Rick helped me with my car and was honest and told me he would help me in any way he could and advised me to check my Insurance to see if they covered anything, and they did ! I would have never thought of checking with them! He actually helped me save myself some money when I really needed it!! I would recommend mr transmission to anyone!! Thank you so much !!!

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Thanks to everyone for the great reviews I am truly blessed with great customer and friends. As a small business owner I work hard everyday to make sure every repair is right but I know some times things don't go the way as planed and you might feel the need to leave us a lower then 5 star review which I do understand. However please know Its my goal to always do what right and try my best to resolve any issue that i can and ask for your understanding and do appreciate your business more then you  know.

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